The King of Cool Art

Brian is an artist living in California with a taste for fun, interesting and thought provoking ideas, creative twists and bold colors.

An entrepreneur at heart, Brian is involved in (too many) artistic ideas and sees art as emotional and thought-provoking entertainment.

If you are looking for a picture of a pine tree landscape there are many artists who do that. But perhaps a tree with a hidden meaning or unusual twist? Now you’re talking Brian’s language.

The art you’ll find on this site is but a small example of the endless creative ideas Brian has screaming through his mind.

This is the place for interesting art!

Some of the Places Brian Has Shown At:

Regularly Selected to Show Art at Mills Station Art and Culture Center
48 Natoma Gallery
48 Natoma Gallery
Rancho Cordova Arts
Founding Member of Rancho Cordova Arts
Rancho Cordova
Artwork Regularly Shown at Rancho Cordova City Hall
Brushes and Brews
Brushes and Brews Selected Artist
River City Marketplace
River City Marketplace Artisan
7th West Oakland
7th West Oakland Artist
ArtPal Artist
Sacramento 2nd Saturday Artwalk
Sacramento 2nd Saturday Artwalk Artist
Methodist Church Artist
Methodist Church Artist
Gallery 1075 Artist
Gallery 1075 Artist
Cordova Church Nazarene
Cordova Church Nazarene Artist
Winter Art Fest Artist
Winter Art Fest Artist
Pop Up Holiday Gallery
Selected to Participate in Holiday Pop-Up Art Gallery

Favorite Moments as an Artist

My favorite moments at art shows are when buyers get teary eyed describing how my piece touched them personally. When my art induces requests for hugs, photos or a personal autograph I know the art has succeeded.

That is my goal: to create something more than a picture on the wall. The art is a unique visual emotion adding value to people’s lives each time they see it.

My art is generally positive, fun, happy or inspirational.

I prefer color schemes that draw-out an emotional reaction. Unique and creative twists make my art different.

My art has been purchased by politicians, gallery owners and individual collectors. My CV.


Bula is a warm greeting I learned thanks to a friend from Fiji.

Being introduced to new and different things helps open new doors to new ideas. You can enrich your life by fusing together many ideas. You can use new exposures to add additional ideas to your existing beliefs. Either way, you grow by gaining new perspectives and challenging existing preconceptions.

Many of my artworks come from an existing idea and then fusing, twisting and modifying them into something new.

You could also say “Bula” refers to Bold Unique Legendary Art.

That is what my art is about – fun, life, color, entertainment, being interesting and different, new perspectives and challenging notions in anĀ  inspirational way.

When you see Brian Bula it is more than a trade name, it is me saying Hello. Welcome to my world. Enjoy your visit and find interesting artwork to add to your life.

– Brian