Bizarre and Surreal Art Show
California Bizarre and Surreal Art Show

Brian was accepted as a juried artist to the Bizarre and Surreal art show in Northern California.

His unique and one of a kind piece, called One Person, Two Paths consists of artwork on the soles of shoes. One shoe is clean and pristine, except where it has found money. The other shoe is dirty with gum and other found objects one finds stuck to their shoes.

As we go through life, although we may think we are proceeding in just one direction, our two feet are actually following different paths. Similarly, we can just different paths in our life. The shoe art depicts possible paths a person may follow.

Shoe Art

This artwork on shoes incorporates money on one shoe. On the other is dirt, a cigarette butt, gum, wrappers and other trash.

Which path will you choose? Will you choose both paths at the same time?

Bizarre Art – the idea speaks for itself. This is something different, unthought of, typically provoking a reaction. Using the soles of shoes as the “canvas” for the art certainly fits this concept. Adding objects, instead of merely painting the soles, is not exactly a common art form. No one to Brian’s knowledge has thought to add money and dirt to soles in the same art piece.

Surreal Art – this form of artistic expression has different definitions, but often includes a stream of consciousness creating an unexpected experience. The harsh and opposing juxtaposition of the objects on the shoes, despite being worn by the same person, produces an unexpected and thought-provoking evaluation of our lives. Subconsciously, where we walk dictates much of our life.

At the show Brian purchased “Sound Waves” from a struggling artist Brian participated in the making of this abstract and bizarre artwork, although his involvement was only a tiny painting role, personal involvement in creating art creates a sense of pride and accomplishment when the final result is viewed.

Assisting other artists, seeing their technique, and getting insight into their thought process is a great way to expand one’s own thinking.

There is another important lesson to this, and that is people take pride and ownership of even the smallest tasks. This can be applied to almost any aspect of life, business, and relationships.

Bizarre and Surreal Art Show

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