Carriage Return Art Show
Carriage Return Art Show About Typography

Brian was one of the artists selected for the juried art show Carriage Return. This unique event at the Mills Station Arts and Culture Center had a theme about typography.

More than 60 antique typewriters were on display. The art in the gallery had to have an emphasis on typography instead of artistic form, although the typography could be used to create the form.

Brian was the only artist with three different artworks selected for the show and who sold all of them!

Lucky members of the public who were able to obtain initial releases of Brian’s typographic based works were able to quickly get Liberty Declares, Hidden Love, and Typeography.

Hidden Love Word Search Art
Brian and Hidden Love

Word search art. Has anyone dared to create actual wall art from a word search puzzle? Brian has.

His Hidden Love has selected words hidden in the main text. The words themselves have growing emotional meaning in their order. There may be even more meaning found within the art.

Although simple at first glance, Hidden Love has layers of complexity and meaning which make this meaningful and loving art.

Brian Gets Erotic With His Art

Simple. Interesting. Erotic.

Not everyone will “get” this piece. Different and unique, there is meaning in comparing fonts to people, and preferences we attach. Those preferences can be conscious and unconscious.

Typeography – and intentional “misspelling” of typography, reflects both fonts and different types of people.

Brian Hidden Love
Liberty Declares
Statue of Liberty Made from Declaration of Independence

A beautiful piece, Liberty Declares is a striking black and white. The iconic image of the Statue of Liberty is formed from the full text of the Declaration of Independence.

Carriage Return Art Show

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