Brian Bula is now offering unique heart shaped buttons in thousands of varieties.

USA Heart Button

For decades round pin back buttons have ruled and round buttons still account for virtually all button sales.

There is nothing wrong with round buttons.

On a round button you can print a red heart. But it is still a round button.

Here at the Brian Bula Studio part of our motto is to offer unique products and that means heart shaped buttons.


The heart symbol is iconic and known around the world, across cultures and societies, as a symbol of love.

The ancient Greeks and Romans associated the heart with love. Many things Roman, such as the calendar, are still with us today.

It is believed the heart shape, long used as an easy to draw representation of the human heart, became popular during the Renaissance period in Europe. This is when the red heart began to be used as one of the four suites in playing cards, along with the diamond, spade and clover. The heart was also used in religious artistic displays of the Sacred Heart of Christ.

Since then the heart icon has been used for Valentine’s Day and its use continues to grow in popularity. Not just the heart shape – but the red heart shape.

Red is also a symbol of love. Think of red roses as being more associated with love than say black or white roses.

Combining the heart shape with the color red makes for a very powerful symbol.

That is what Brian Bula is offering.

Few are able to make heart shaped buttons. Special equipment is obviously required. Each heart button is individually made. There is no mass production of thousands of heart buttons being popped-out of a machine on a conveyor belt.

Additionally, we make our buttons to order. They are not sitting on a shelf collecting dust. Instead, each button is individually custom made after your order is made. Buttons are then carefully and individually enclosed in bubble wrap before being placed in a mailer.

Since buttons are not thin enough to be considered letter mail, especially when enclosed in thick bubble wrap, the post office charges an initial packaging rate of $3-$4 for mailing. This is included in our free US shipping for buttons.

Everything considered: the special equipment, individually created buttons, and US Post Office mailing rates, we think you will find our unique heart buttons to be an exceptional value.

Unlike pin buttons typically made in China that have a cheap plastic back and which often break during use, our heart shaped buttons have all metal backs.

We hope you enjoy your fun heart buttons as much we enjoy making them!

Heart Shaped Buttons are a Fun Way to Say I Love

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