Artificial Intelligence, or “AI” Art is cool, but deceptively difficult to create. Generating a computer system that can create art from scratch can be time-consuming, expensive, and require a lot of processing power. Sometimes one is looking at ten dollars just for minute or so of high-end computer processing time, and it can take many minutes to make an image.

I have discarded thousands of generated designs because the result was not good. Or, maybe my small brain did not comprehend what the computer was thinking.

If you want unique art. A real conversation piece. Then art created by artificial intelligence is for you. This is computer generated art. There is no human paintbrush. It is not a simple Photoshop or phone app effect applied to a photograph or human created painting.

Here you will find generated artificial intelligence art for anyone. You will find small prints modestly priced for this new type of art, and unique, one of a kind computer generated art where only one original print will be sold.

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