America the Beautiful (Diversity)


America the Beautiful Flag, Lyrics, Pictures of Americana

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Patriotic art originally designed for the Diverse City juried art show in California.

The United States flag is the centerpiece.

The first stanza of lyrics from America the Beautiful are printed on the white bars of the flag.

The stars for the 50 states have pictures reflecting the beautiful diversity of the country.

1. Christian Cross
2. Hindu Om
3. LDS Moroni
4. Jewish Star
5. Islam Star and Crescent
6. Buddhist Symbol
7. Illegal Alien (Superman)
8. Black Mickey Mouse
9. Disabled Person (Darth Vader)
10. Moon Landing
11. Football
12. Las Vegas Strip
13. Grand Canyon
14. St Louis Arch
15. Golden Gate Bridge
16. Statue of Liberty
17. 4th July Fireworks
18. President Abraham Lincoln
19. President Franklin Roosevelt
20. President Ronald Reagan
21. President George Washington
22. President Barack Obama
23. Muhammad Ali
24. Babe Ruth
25. Marilyn Monroe
26. Harriet Tubman
27. Elvis Presley
28. Sitting Bull
29. Apple
30. Target
31. Ford
32. Mcdonalds
33. Microsoft
34. Thanksgiving Turkey
35. Cheeseburger
36. Hot Dog
37. Pizza
38. Ice Cream Cone
39. Apple Pie
40. Love in English
41. Love in Spanish
42. Love in Hindi
43. Love in Russian
44. Love in German
45. Asian
46. Caucasian
47. Black
48. Hispanic
49. Indian
50. Brian Bula!

When you showcase this piece everyone who sees it will stop and want to identify as many of the stars as possible.

An interesting conversation piece.

Large print is 20×30. Free shipping and ships unframed.

America the Beautiful (Diversity)

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