Blood Heart on Black


Blood Heart on Black

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Dark artwork in more ways than one.

This canvas has been spray painted black.

Then, in the middle, a large heart has painted. The heart is made from real blood!

The overall effect has a dark look. Placed on a dark background, blood looks even darker than normal.

This is not pretend or fake blood, or something from Hollywood. The blood is 100 percent real!

Everyone will be jealous if you have real blood art to display.

The heart is painted in blood on a painted black 8″ x 10″ artist’s canvas. Acrylic sealer has been sprayed on top to help ensure your blood art lasts longer than you do, and for precautionary safety reasons since this is real blood.

Blood art is perfect for those who love the odd, offbeat and unusual.

Blood Heart on Black

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Dimensions 8 × 10 in
Certificate of Authenticity



Original on artist's canvas


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