Head in Bottle of Blood


Floating Head in Bottle of Real Blood

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Ewww! This jar has a dismembered female doll head floating in a jar of real blood.

It really exists. An incredible, but intriguing and gross product that is the subject of imagination and nightmares.

The jar in a former life was a spaghetti sauce jar – to give you an idea of its size. Probably a 24 ounce jar that gives the object good size and weight.

The girl head used to be affixed to a doll. But after being removed it was “saved” to be admired by horror fans everywhere. It now floats in this unusual jar.

The blood is real. It is not a prop or fake blood seen in movies or used by squeamish artists afraid to dip their hands in the real thing.

Note: This product is for local delivery only in the Sacramento Metropolitan Area. Shipping is not provided despite what may be otherwise shown in our automated product ecommerce software. Not recommended to drink or eat. Not a toy. Real blood mixed with water but not human blood to comply with legal restrictions.  Lid is affixed to jar and not intended to be removed.

Head in Bottle of Blood

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Local delivery only in Sacramento Metropolitan Area. Shipping is not provided.


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