Kissing in the Rain Abstract


Kissing in the Rain Abstract

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Wonderful abstract of couple in love. They are Kissing in the Rain.

The couple is secure under the umbrella – focused on each other.

While beyond them the stormy night and rain goes unnoticed.

Meaningful lovers art showing how love for another can create personal happiness with the couple not caring about the negativity in the surrounding world.

Isn’t that you feel when you are in love?

This emotional picture will help you enjoy that feeling and to have it in your life every day.

On this page is an abstract version of Kissing in the Rain.

There are also colorful versions of Kissing in the Rain with a more pop art feel available here.

Kissing in the Rain Abstract

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Dimensions 13 × 19 in
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No, so you can choose a frame to match your decor


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