Lavender Leggings Workout Yoga Pants


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Love the light lavender color! These leggings / yoga pants feature a selected vibrant color and a soft touch – these elastic skinny fit leggings are perfect for any casual occasion, whether working out in the gym, hanging out, or just being comfortable.

Lavender leggings are perfect as gym or yoga workout pants, or for just being casual and comfy. This beautiful shade of purple is known as lavender and it was specifically selected for these tights. The pastel shade of off-purple is anything but bright and will go with about anything. 
The designer of these leggings loves color. Lavender is not flashy, but it looks nice and can stand out in a see of black leggings. Fun people wear lavender. You will love these lavender leggings!


.: Skinny fit
.: 87% Polyester brushed suede / 13% Spandex
.: Tagless
.: Runs true to size

Width at waist, in 13.51 14.53 15.52 16.78 18.27 19.77
Outseam length, in 38.27 38.63 39.02 39.38 39.77 40.16
Inseam length, in 30 30 30 30.04 30 30
Lavender Leggings Workout Yoga Pants

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