Luke Skywalker Red5 Star Wars Soundwave Art – I’m Going In


Soundwave from Luke Skywalker as Red5 as he prepares to destroy the Death Star in Star Wars.

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Red5 is Luke Skywalker’s call sign for his fighter craft in the final Star Wars scene when the Death Star is blown up. At 2:57 in this video you can watch the scene as Luke says This is Red5, I’m Going In:

Luke is known for many lines in the Star Wars movies. For some reason this Red5 reference has become a cult favorite for hardcore fans. Perhaps it is a test of your Star Wars knowledge to know who Red5 is. Interesting art like this melds the visual and audio aspects unlike anything you currently have.

With a Bulawave you merely have to look at the picture and the words of Luke and Star Wars will come into your min

Luke Skywalker Red5 Star Wars Soundwave Art – I’m Going In

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Dimensions 11 × 8.5 in
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Giclee print made from professional ink on premium paper stock.


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