The Shining Room 237 Key From Overlook Hotel


The Shining Room 237 Key From Overlook Hotel

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One of Stephen King’s scariest and most popular books and movies was The Shining.  The movie took place in the Overlook Hotel (inspired by the haunted Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado).

Key action in the movie was in room 237.  In the book, the room number is 217. Stanley Kubrick said the hotel parts of the movie were filmed at, the Timberline Lodge in Mt. Hood, Oregon, requested the change from its real room 217 to a fictitious room 237. The hotel was afraid guests would be too scared to stay in room 217. Silly hotel.  They blew a huge promotional opportunity.  Naturally, people want to stay in room 237.  Wouldn’t you?

Hardcore Stephen King and horror fans know what Room 237 refers to. It even became the subject of its own movie – called Room 237.

Room 237

This is your opportunity to get a key tag made to look like the one in the movie!

Handmade and about three inches long by one inch wide. Each tag is red and white with the words “ROOM No” and “237”.

A unique collectible and conversation starter. People will want to know why you have a hotel key room 237.  They you’ll have a story to tell about The Shining.  Sounds like a good time to watch the movie again.

For the Stephen King and/or horror fan who thought they had everything – this will make their day!

Every key tag is handmade into hardened plastic. Small variations in size and look between each tag will arise. Keys and key rings will vary.

Note: the current picture does not do this product justice. We’ll get a better one up soon.

The Shining Room 237 Key From Overlook Hotel

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