Powerful remastered version of Salvador Dali’s Christ of Saint John of the Cross


Trashed is a  stunning and emotionally powerful remastered version of Salvador Dali’s Christ of Saint John of the Cross.

This piece was originally produced for a California art show requesting that artists take an original “master” piece of art and then re-envision it to give it a new meaning. In other words, to create a parody. The juror for the show evaluated the original artwork and compared it to the new version to see if there was new meaning and remastery – and Brian’s Trashed was approved for the show. Many viewers commented on the meaning and power shown by combining the purity of Christ with human garbage.

Salvador Dali is known more for his surreal art and many are surprised to learn he also created some “normal” art. Christ of Saint John of the Cross is one of those pieces. It shows Christ on the cross in heaven. Below is a tranquil scene of a clear and still blue lake. In the front are fishermen with their boats. It is an inspirational scene of what we dream Christ and the world should be like.

Christ of Saint John of the Cross

Brian has reworked this piece to give it an entirely different context and meaning. The cross is descending into the earth, instead of floating in heaven. This shows a closer connection between God and the world. The cross was originally planted in the earth. The new version has the connection between cross and earth, but with it visually being distant and unclear, like the end of a rainbow. The cross is thus planted in the entire earth instead of a single identifiable location.

Below Jesus is a garbage pile spoiling the scene. There are discarded everyday items. A used condom wrapper. An old button promoting the Rolling Stones song Sympathy for the Devil. For as far as one can see there is trash and abuse of the planet.

In Genesis 1:26 God said man was given dominion over the earth.

But what have we done with this honor?  Have we respected God? Jesus? The earth?

What does God or Jesus think of what we have done?

Jesus died for people’s sins. In Trashed he is seen looking down on what he died for.

This new imagery is powerful and reminder that we can do better, much better, to preserve the world, to enjoy its beauty, and to provide responsible dominion over this creation.




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