Vote Face Mask – Tell Others to Vote This Election


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Voting is an important opportunity in Democracies. Many have given their
lives so others can make their own decisions and to vote for their
chosen leaders. Vote! A simple but powerful message. Let others know
where you stand and that you want them to vote.
Add an extra layer of protection with a personalized touch. These reusable cloth face masks made of 100% Polyester provide a physical barrier around the face. They, however, are not medical-grade, thus, not meant for medical use. Great for everyday use for overall protection.

.: 100% Polyester
.: Elastic earloops
.: Two layers of cloth
.: One size

Custom face masks have become a modern symbol of cleanliness, virtue, and respect for the safety of others. Our fabric face masks are made from pure polyester – a hardy synthetic material that is capable of withstanding daily use while still retaining shape, fit, and comfort for the face.

It’s worth mentioning that the pure polyester composition of the cloth face mask does make it fluid resistant and capable of providing legitimate (and stylish) protection for wearers.

Elastic ear loops: The straps for these face masks are flat-woven, so there will never be any chaffing, rubbing, or scratching.

100% Polyester: As the purpose of any fabric face mask is to cover both the mouth and nose, it is of paramount importance that the mask doesn’t wilt, shrink, or fail in any other way. A solid polyester build means that these custom fabric face masks can withstand any normal wear and tear while still maintaining their integrity.

Will these custom masks shrink?

Under normal circumstances, no. The synthetic fibers of these face masks are impervious to shrinking – unlike cotton or other natural materials. However, when exposed to excessive heat, like during a hot wash or dry cycle, it is possible to shrink the polyester.

Is 100% polyester breathable?

Yes. Polyester is popular in activewear due to just how breathable and lightweight it is. When utilized, any condensation or sweat is passed along the skin for evaporation, instead of allowing that moisture gathering near the material to be absorbed, weigh the garment down, or potentially cause slippage.

Can the face mask be reused/cleaned/washed?

Yes. These fabric face masks are durable enough to withstand machine washing between 30C – 90 degrees celsius. Other clothing can be included when machine washing cloth face masks with regular laundry detergent. However, we recommend against bleaching, tumble/machine drying, ironing, steam cleaning, or dry cleaning. Air drying is preferable.

Is the mask waterproof?

No. However, any 100% polyester material is considered to be water resistant. This basically means that, while not 100% waterproof, the fabric is able to withstand a fair volume of wetness – as long as the mask isn’t completely submerged for a while. This is often called ‘everyday waterproof’.

Do cloth face masks protect wearers from bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens?

Yes. When properly fitted around the mouth, nose, and sides of the face, a custom cloth face mask protects both the wearer and those nearby. The mask acts as a shield for the large droplets released when someone breathes, sneezes, coughs, etc.

This can prevent the wearer from spreading anything unwanted while simultaneously protecting them from the spread of others.

Vote Face Mask – Tell Others to Vote This Election

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