World on Fire | AI Art Artificial Intelligence


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One of a kind. Only one print will be sold!

World on Fire is artwork created by Artificial Intelligence. The design, colors, flow and structure are all computer generated.

This is art as created and seen by a digital thought process. It takes a significant amount of computer power and time to make art, and often what a digital process considers art has different meaning to the human eye.

World on Fire is my interpretation for what I see in this artwork. It looks like a snowy landscape being swallowed by an electrical fire. Mesmerizing to look at.

AI art is genuinely unique, interesting, and a fascinating conversation piece.

Premium archival quality and acid free inks.

Printed on sturdy and durable 400 gsm cotton rag canvas, natural white color, ultra smooth matte finish.

Side printed gallery canvas wrapping.

Ready to hang with hard sealed backing and hanging hardware installed.

UV tested materials for life-time guaranteed quality artwork.

Packaging includes foam supports for safe handling.

Certificate of Authenticity sent to all purchasers. A third party service makes verified, unique certificates which are interesting artworks themselves.

World on Fire | AI Art Artificial Intelligence

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