Rancho Cordova Arts Members Show

Brian is a founding member of Rancho Cordova Arts. He has been helping other members and the organization since it started. For the first time the arts organization is celebrating the artwork of its members in a unique art show.

Two of his pieces were selected by the juror for the show. The organization has more then 125 members. Artwork from 72 members was selected to be publicly displayed.

Dream Cleaver Blood Art
Dream Cleaver Blood Art

This interesting painting is painted entirely in blood.  Fans of the movie Nightmare Before Elm Street may see a resemblance to Freddy Krueger, but the piece stands on its own with a clawed hand before a fatherly figure.  Definitely creepy and knowing it was made in blood it is a picture one will long remember.


Infinity Paper Art
Infinity Paper Art

A multicolored paper art sculpture shows a rainbow of colors falling out away from the base. A fun piece.

The disparity between Dream Cleaver and Infinity shows the wide range of Brian’s artistic interests. From a monochrome piece made only of blood, to a flood of colors designed out of paper.


The “Members Show” is not just for organization members. It is by members and open to the public. The artwork is available for purchase:

July 11th: Thursday 5:30 to 8:00 pm – Live Music and Artists Reception

July 12th: Friday 3 to 8 pm

July 13th: Saturday 11 am to 4 pm

July 18th: Thursday 3 to 8 pm

July 19th: Friday 3 to 8 pm

July 20th: Saturday 11 am to 4 pm


The Mills Arts and Cultural Center (“MACC”) is located at the intersection of Mather Field Boulevard and Folsom Boulevard. The address is 10191 Mills Station Road in Rancho Cordova, California:


Rancho Cordova Arts Members Art Show

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