Re-Mastered Art Show
Re-Mastered Art Show

The concept of this interesting art show was to take art done by a famous artist and “re-master” or reconceptualize the art into something new. Artists were asked to take an existing piece of art and changing some of the imagery, or putting the existing imagery into a new style.

A juried show in Sacramento County, Brian submitted three pieces of art, each of which was accepted into the show.

Trashed (parody of Christ of Saint John of the Cross)

Salvador Dali originally created this perspective of Christ on the cross, but above a beautiful world and lake.

Brian “re-mastered” the concept for a more modern and different perspective. This is called a parody, which is a critique of something and does not require humor, although many incorrectly consider parody a form of comedy.

Trashed shows what we have done to our world. With God looking down upon us. In Genesis the Bible teaches man was given dominion over the world, but nowhere does it say men and women should trash and disrespect the world given to them.

This is not what Christ did for.

This is a powerful image. Perhaps more powerful in its imagery, thought, and reflections it creates than the original by Salvador Dali.

Bankme (Parody of Love is in the Bin and Girl with Balloon)

Banksy is a famous artist, known for his supposed anti-capitalism and anti-authority depictions.

One of Banksy’s most famous works is a girl setting a red balloon adrift. A signed artwork was sold at auction for more than a million dollars. It then began shredding due to a shredder hidden in the frame – but got stuck half-way through. The resulting, half-shredded piece is worth millions.

In Bankme Brian creates a parody critiquing Banksy. The balloon is money green and shredded Euros are seen coming out of the bottom of the frame. (Banksy is from the United Kingdom) Was this a money grab by Banksy?

The price, $60, is a take on Banksy once anonymously selling his works in New York for just $60, even though they were worth a lot more.

An enlightened European Union has made it legal to mutilate and shred money for certain purposes, such as art.

Re-Mastered Art Show

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