Roaring in the 20s is a juried art show with a requirement that participants also be members of Rancho Cordova Arts. Brian is a founding member.

The theme of the show was to pick a topic from either the 1920s and the 2020s.

Brian submitted four artworks to the show and all were selected by the juror.

Glitter Dove. The Roaring 1920s was the aftermath of the horrible ordeal of World War I. The white dove and red heart represents the hopes and dreams of the decade for a better time and life.

Glitter Lips. The 1920s saw art deco and the 2020s continues to see the popularity of pop art. The lips, made of glitter, are a cross between the two art forms.

The Room Where It Happened. Politics and President Donald Trump rules the start of the 2020s. This parody looks at some of the players and events in the White House which are popular, or at least the topic of much public discussion.

George Washington Slave Owner. This dollar bill has Slave Owner written in real blood. One of the huge issues of the 2020, besides the Coronavirus, has been race riots rocking the nation. Monuments have come down and icons have been given a second look. Even the founding fathers, such as George Washington, have not escaped the moment.

Roaring in the 20s Art Show

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