Heart Drawn in Blood


Heart Drawn in Real Blood

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We all know the heart is what pumps blood throughout a body. But what you probably do not know is the blood can also be used for art.

This cascading heart image is drawn in real blood!

Not fake blood or Hollywood blood or some prop.  100% real blood.

An amazing conversation piece once you tell someone what the picture is made from!

The heart is painted on a white 8″ x 10″ artist’s canvas. Acrylic sealer has been sprayed on top to help ensure your blood art lasts longer than you do, and for precautionary safety reasons since this is real blood.

Blood art is for the person who thought they had everything, and those who love the unusual.


Heart Drawn in Blood

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Dimensions 8 × 10 in
Certificate of Authenticity



Original on artist's canvas


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